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Charlie was born in 1978 in London and now lives in bonnie, costal Scotland near to Edinburgh. His bio used to be really long and now it's really short because let's face it attention spans are short these days. Basically Charlie is an experienced composer and multi-instrumentalist who has written a lot of music over the years that has made its way into many a film and tv production. He's currently focused on writing minimal music inspired by the landscape. As a former student of English literature he's also excellent at writing in the third person.  If you feel this bio is insufficient then you can see or download a proper bio here.


Charlie is a very talented composer who delivered some evocative and beautiful music in a wide range of styles for ‘Future of Food’ a BBC2 series looking at food production around the world.
— Gareth Williams, Series Producer, BBC
THE SCORE…sounds GORGEOUS! Thanks so much for putting that all together so last minute! You’re a music making wizard genius man!
— Jessica Ashman, BAFTA Award Winning Animator
Charlie is a very talented and versatile composer but just as importantly, a true professional. When you find someone like Charlie on your team you make sure to keep him there!
— Martin Glegg - Creative Director, Wallop



SEX, DRUGS & MURDER: A YEAR in the red light zone - BBC



'Best Factual' Winner, Royal Television Society awards.


The Moon - BBC


A SHepherd's Life: James Rebanks




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Memories of America

by Charlie Jefferson

An atmospheric and emotionally charged exploration of minimalist Americana, inspired by memories of travelling through America's vast landscapes.

Vocal textures: Edwina Hayes

Violin: Danny Hart

Guitar, mandolin, ukulele, keys, electronics, bass, drums & production: Charlie Jefferson

Listen to much more of Charlie's music by FOLLOWING THIS LINK to his Soundcloud page.



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