Born in London in 1978, Charlie now lives just outside of Edinburgh in the beautiful countryside of East Lothian, Scotland.

In recent years his music, a subtle and emotive blend of acoustic, orchestral and electronic elements, has been in increasing demand the field of film, television and media.

Growing up with a love of folk and roots music, coupled with an obsession for the pioneering studio techniques of iconic record producer Sir George Martin, his traditional schooling as a classical guitarist soon became enmeshed with a passion for making more experimental recordings. Using the four track tape machines and samplers that were available at the time, Charlie began to take his lead from artists like Portisheadwhose first release 'Dummy' struck a particularly resonant chord, acting as both a tonic to the flatness of the mid-Nineties suburban midlands and a catalyst for exploring new horizons musically.

His time at the University of Glasgow in the late Nineties only served to pour fuel on the flames and Charlie began collaborating with trip hop/ dance music producers and DJs, often playing live in Glasgow's infamous night clubs (R.I.P. The Arches), touring in the breakbeat, triphop collective The Operators and Kinky Afro, playing events like T in the Park, alongside artists like MC Soom T, Jazzanova, Cinematic OrchestraMark B & BladeOptimo, Mungo's Hifi and iconic dub producer Lee "Scratch" Perry among others.

All the while he was learning more about experimental composition and music production and by the Noughties made a break for a more settled life. Increasingly Charlie found himself helping out friends with their short films and in the process became hooked on exploring the medium, discovering a new joy in how music has the power to elevate and totally transform the meaning of a piece of film.

Moving to Edinburgh in 2006, Charlie began setting up professionally as a soundtrack composer. A short film he had scored soon came to the attention of a BBC producer and not before long he was building up a body of work for documentaries and dramas. During this period, he was also approached for commercial work, most notably creating the identity music for the Comedy Central channel in the UK.

These days, Charlie remains an avid listener of music and continues to experiment with new sound and studio techniques, all of which filters through to the work that he writes. He now enjoys a busy and challenging life creating new work with a visual audience in mind and loves being on board projects that allow him to fulfil a simple ambition; to create expressive music that stirs a strong emotional response both in himself and ultimately, hopefully, the listener. 

As a big believer in the power and positive impact that music can have in the community, particularly in areas suffering from under investment, Charlie also mentors ambitious young people and helps to co-ordinate musical projects the length and breadth of his beloved adopted home of Scotland.


Charlie is a very talented composer who delivered some evocative and beautiful music in a wide range of styles for ‘Future of Food’ a BBC2 series looking at food production around the world.
— Gareth Williams, Series Producer, BBC
THE SCORE…sounds GORGEOUS! Thanks so much for putting that all together so last minute! You’re a music making wizard genius man!
— Jessica Ashman, BAFTA Award Winning Animator
Charlie is a very talented and versatile composer but just as importantly, a true professional. When you find someone like Charlie on your team you make sure to keep him there!
— Martin Glegg - Creative Director, Wallop
Memories of America-1400x1400.jpg

Memories of America

by Charlie Jefferson

An atmospheric and emotionally charged exploration of minimalist Americana, inspired by memories of travelling through America's vast landscapes.

Vocal textures: Edwina Hayes

Violin: Danny Hart

Guitar, mandolin, ukulele, keys, electronics, bass & drums: Charlie Jefferson

Producer: Charlie Jefferson

Read an interview with Charlie about 'Memories Of America' conducted by Audio Network.


Listen to more of Charlie's music by following this link to his Soundcloud page.




'Best Factual' Winner, Royal Television Society awards.


The Moon - BBC


A SHepherd's Life: James Rebanks




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